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Coaching, what for?

To overcome a personal difficulty, which creates or may generate a greater difficulty for oneself and/or for the organisation.
For example, a compulsively controlling and distrustful manager prevents their team from developing, which leads to their own overload, which in the end has an impact on their own motivation, and obviously on that of the colleagues they manage.

What is it?

A process of accompaniment, built session after session, which aims to identify the difficulty, to nourish the coachee’s reflection through appropriate questioning, to awaken all their resources, to encourage them to decide on actions, and to support them in the implementation of their decisions.
It is a two-person job, the coach and the coachee, and everyone has to play their part.
The client comes with their concrete situation, which they will translate into coaching objective, with the desire to achieve it, the curiosity and courage to step back and question their own functioning, and to adapt it if they deem it appropriate. The coach helps the client in their reflection, creates a framework of security and confidence that allows them to explore aspects that they do not examine spontaneously, shows them the contradictions in which they sometimes lock themselves, proposes activities that raise awareness, springboards for change, encourages, stimulates and tracks down changes that go in the direction of achieving the objectives that the client has set.

For whom?

For managers, those who have just changed their level of responsibility (transition to the role of middle manager, or to the role of senior manager), any person wishing to overcome one of their own difficulties, in the context of work
For those who are in career transition, via the Implicit Career Search approach described in the workshop section, and applied in individual coaching

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