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Supervision, what for ?

To benefit from support in the exercise of one’s profession as a coach, to continue to learn to practice one’s models and to model one’s practice, to develop a reflective position on one’s activity, on oneself, and to access an ethical position, through the resolution of ethical and deontological dilemmas.

What is it ?

A place of exchange, authentic and without judgement, between coaching professionals, where the supervisee benefits from the gaze of the third party supervisor, on their practice, on their reflection about their practice, where they can elaborate solutions to overcome their difficulties in such or such professional situation, where they can step back to look at how they use their coaching tools, where they take care of their main working tool, i.e. their own person, where they can reflect on their professional development.

For whom?

For coaches, whatever their level of experience


The common thread of the supervision I propose is Will Schutz’s Human Element approach, i.e. this approach is the first reading grid used, both in the supervisee- supervisor relationship, and in the supervisee’s relationship with themselves and with their client. The system formed by the client and the environment in which the client operates is also seen in the light of this approach.

The Human Element links the level of performance to self-esteem. If I feel good where I work, I am more flexible in my relationships with others, and together we function more fluidly, to do what we need to do. On the contrary, if we feel bad where we operate, we set in motion defensive behaviours, which hinder or block collaboration.

This first reading grid is completed by others, if necessary.

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